Panel Discussions & Seminars

The American Marketing Association – DFW Chapter has partnered with us to produce the videos of their monthly panel discussions on a wide range of topics for marketing professionals. These videos serve to not only document the quality of the programming the DFW AMA puts together, but it demonstrates the vitality and caliber of DFW marketing professionals.

We utilize the latest technologies to produce this multi-camera live-switch, including titles and graphics, through the use of small, wireless cameras that enable us to see and adjust every camera view, stream it live, and / or also record a pristine FullHD program. This is great for corporate events where you want the polish of multiple cameras, even if you are not looking for streaming, and don’t want to edit. If you need the polished look of multiple cameras, for what many people pay for single camera coverage, call us at Stream4us today.

We can set this up in any location. In fact, we are “on-location” almost all the time so our solutions are designed to be nimble and flexible. We have wired solutions for locations that are more challenging and wireless solutions would have problems. We have wireless solutions for locations where running wires everywhere would be a nightmare. Either way, we can produce the highest caliber recorded and streamed video for you.

You can see all our videos on our YouTube Channel.

The Stream 4 YouTube Page