Competitions & Awards Shows

People love competitions- that’s essentially every sport. Then when one is determined to be the winner, there are the awards. Whether it be local business awards, sports awards, industry awards, these are the type of notoriety that people love to share on social media. You can promote yourself this way by making your competition or awards show an event unto itself.

Sport fishing is big business. Even if you’ve never heard of it, there are professional, sponsored anglers that compete regularly for cash prizes in the tens of thousands of dollars for a couple days of fishing- if you get the big fish. CATMASTERS brought us in to produce their live stream and reach tens of thousands of people with their angling competition which gave away over $90,000 in prizes.

Catmasters Video Reach

When you want to make sure the video you present to the world looks as good as it can, give us a call.  We’ll make you look awesome.


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