REMOTE Production

When it is not possible to bring everyone together, or when cost is a factor, the planet is your stage – and we can put anyone on it.

Remote production leverages the latest internet standards to make it easy for a remote host, remote guests, a panel of speakers, and even remote producers, remote slides, and graphics, and more — ALL to come together in a polished live-switched live-streamed and recorded production.  This is not Zoom, or Skype, or Teams, or any business chat application.

We make sure everyone is lit well, sounds good, properly framed, they can hear, and see everything. And we can send this polished show INTO Zoom, or your CDN of choice. Social Media. YouTube, Facebook, etc. Or behind a Paywall. Or inside a corporate intranet. We make you look awesome!

Some of our recent productions include:

Marriage Boot Camp – Our remote production placed the host and her guest on screen together and enabled them to see each other even while the audience was looking at slides or other information that was being presented. This also created enough valuable content that their media team is cutting up the long show into “bite-sized” morsels for distribution on social media. 


The DFW American Marketing Association – Our virtual version of the monthly luncheon of the American Marketing Association brought industry experts together with a virtual host, the moderator, and the DFW AMA President to discuss marketing amidst Covid-19 separation. We already produced the multi-camera live-switched version of the in-person luncheons, so this was a natural extension. 


The Frisco Arts Association – We brought the Director of the Frisco Arts Association face-to-face with the author of The Monuments Men, and founder of The Monuments Men Foundation, Robert Edsel, for a discussion of the importance of Art amidst a global crisis.

And many more. 

The additional benefits of a remotely produced video is that nobody needs to travel and with proper setup beforehand, there’s no editing costs. We switch everything live and when it’s done, it’s done.

This is far more than just “running an app.” We design each show with media for that show alone. How the people are positioned on screen, backgrounds, lower-third titles, video clips being played back, music, preshow, post-show, and more. Having all of this put together into one production means you’re not paying for several camera operators, not paying for all the cameras, not paying for audio reinforcement in a room of people- not even paying for a conference room. No travel expenses, amenities, table rentals, chairs, linens, food, etc. 

Yet, at the same time- you can reach more people who normally couldn’t attend because it required travel.  You can reach people after the actual event through online hosting of the video or even “replays” of the actual live stream available on demand at the viewer’s convenience. Your audience can be several TIMES what the in-person event offered, at a fraction of the cost.  Your potential revenue can double… triple…

We have built a specialized production suite using decades of live-event production experience, as well as heaping amounts of technical know how, to bring remote guests into our production, craft a polished television production, and send it back out to the internet using specialized, dual bonded internet connections to minimize any chance of congestion or drops. We also have cloud redistribution to send it to multiple destinations if needed, and we always record the show locally at a very high quality in case there are internet issues out of our control. 

We even work with remote producers and production companies and are able to send multiple, different return feeds, to different people, based on need. The audience gets the main program, the guests get a special feed where they can continue to see each other while other media my be on screen, and a remote producer gets a production-level “multiview” that also shows the shot that’s lined up to be sent out next, it shows the audio, it shows every source camera, and additional information. 

multiview return feed

We have even integrated special audio solutions so we can actually TALK to our host guests and guests through their headphones, but that audio is not part of what the audience hears. This comes from our years of experience in broadcast studios and it’s something you simply do not find elsewhere. We can cue talent, let them know how many minutes left while a video plays, and even talk them through a technical issue if there is one. 

When it comes to producing multi-camera, live-switched, recorded or streamed events – in person or remotely produced – this is what we do. 
And, as always, our goal is to make you look awesome!

Smart Men