Trade Shows and Events

Nothing engages an audience more than events. If they can’t attend in person, they want to be there virtually, or see content from the event online. We do this all the time. Not just the on-stage and conference content, but interviews with those that rented the booths to tell the audience about their latest offerings.

Not only does this benefit the audience, but it’s also a huge added bonus to those that rent the booth- to reach an audience beyond those walking by their booth. Not just reaching those that may have missed their booth, or those that wanted to come to the show, but couldn’t, but the online video can reach a worldwide audience. It promotes both the event, and the content available at the event, encouraging potential future attendees to come and walk the isles to be able to speak with the people in the booth first hand.

While some may fear it will lower attendance, year after year has proven that it increases event attendance. People willingly buy tickets when they have seen how good an event is. The reason you know about the panel events and the cool movies coming up is because those events are made available online. But audiences increase year after year, and ticket sales continue to climb, because of the content made available online. It makes people want to go and be a part of it.

To take your event to the next level, give us a call today.


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