REMOTE Production

When it comes to remote production, trust the ones that have been doing multi-camera live streaming for years.

Trade Shows and Events

Nothing engages an audience more than events. If they can’t attend in person, they want to be there virtually, or see content from the event online. We do this all the time. Not just the on-stage and conference content, but interviews with those that rented the booths to tell the audience about their latest offerings.

Competitions & Awards Shows

People love competitions- that’s essentially every sport. Then when one is determined to be the winner, there are the awards. Whether it be local business awards, sports awards, industry awards, these are the type of notoriety that people love to share on social media. You can promote yourself this way by making your competition or…

Corporate Image Videos

Make sure your public facing image is exactly what you want it to be. When Nelson Forensics embarked on revamping their entire public-facing image, that means everything from the logo, to the web site, and a ground-up new video campaign highlighting their vast array of services. We took this from “we need a video” ……

Business Marketing with Interviews

Frisco’s own Mayor Cheney relies on us to produce the video of their quarterly “Round Table” Business Discussions on the important topics to the business community in North Texas. We use some of the latest technologies to produce this muti-camera show, of a live event, wirelessly from a single location in the room. This saves…